Wrongful Death, Elder Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Glenhaven Healthcare Nursing Home Alleging Extreme COVID-19 Negligence

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse, Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death, Elder Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Glenhaven Healthcare Nursing Home Alleging Extreme COVID-19 Negligence

May 21, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – A wrongful death lawsuit was filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging Glenhaven Healthcare nursing home in Glendale, CA is guilty of elder abuse, willful misconduct and negligence in its COVID-19 response resulting in the death of several of its residents.

Profits Over People

This is a case about profits over people. The Saldana family trusted the Glenhaven Healthcare nursing home to care for and protect Ricardo Saldana.  Glenhaven grossly betrayed their trust. Glenhaven took intentional and cruel actions in its response, and lack thereof, to the coronavirus outbreak until it was too late.

Ricardo Saldana lived in the Glendale nursing home for years. He became one of roughly ten patients who died after contracting the coronavirus due to the facility’s recklessness in handling the outbreak. The complaint alleges the nursing home betrayed the trust of its patients and their loved ones by intentionally concealing that a working staff member had been heavily exposed to the virus, while at the same time prohibiting staff members from wearing masks and gloves.

Ricardo-Saldana-Funeral Funeral of Ricardo Saldana


Ricardo and Jackie Saldana



“My clients believe that if the facility had handled the outbreak properly and had taken appropriate precautions to protect its residents, their beloved husband and father would still be alive,” said attorney Scott Glovsky. “The behavior of Glenhaven was completely unacceptable.  Glenhaven allowed this virus to spread rapidly and needlessly kill many residents.”

Saldana-family Maria, Ricardo and Celia Saldana  Ricardo-Saldana-Family



Ricardo Saldana and his parents

Socorro and Blandina



While state and local officials were working as early as February to help provide guidelines for nursing homes and others to follow regarding COVID-19, the lawsuit alleges that Glenhaven’s management did little to protect its patients and knowingly put them in harm’s way. The suit alleges Glenhaven failed to provide any protective equipment (such as facemasks) to employees, it prohibited employees from bringing or wearing their own protective equipment, and even locked up protective gear delivered by the local fire department – until it was too late. The facility failed to take appropriate precautions to identify or isolate employees or residents living with or suspected to have the virus until it was too late.

The lawsuit alleges that an employee who had been exposed to the virus was allowed to continue to work at the nursing home, actively exposing staff and patients to the virus for roughly two weeks as if nothing was wrong. Glenhaven also moved a resident who had been exposed to the virus into Ricardo’s room without telling him or his family, and without taking any precautions to protect Ricardo’s health. The complaint alleges Glenhaven did all this to avoid scrutiny from regulators, to save money, and to minimize the knowledge of the virus with its employees and residents. It also failed to provide testing of any kind until it was too late.

Ricardo-Saldana-Parents-SiblingsRicardo Saldana and his parents and siblings

Ricardo Saldana







As a result of Glenhaven’s callous behavior towards its patients, Ricardo died on April 13th, alone and apart from his family.

The case is Jackie Saldana et. al v. Glenhaven Healthcare LLC, Los Angeles Superior Court. You can read the complaint here.

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