Los Angeles Autism Insurance Coverage

Los Angeles Autism Insurance Coverage Lawyer

Understanding what is and is not covered under any given health insurance plan can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders face the additional difficulty of having coverage for treatments incorrectly denied.

The California Mental Health Parity Act requires health plans to cover Autism Spectrum Disorders to the same extent that they cover other physical illnesses. We are currently working with families to help them receive the coverage from their health plans and health insurance companies that they deserve.

Contact Los Angeles Autism Insurance Coverage Attorney Scott Glovsky

If you have had health insurance coverage or autism treatments denied, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), speech therapy and occupational therapy, in the state of California, contact Scott Glovsky today. Scott is an experienced health insurance coverage attorney who has extensive experience working with families affected by Autism. We are committed to helping you receive the benefits you deserve from your health insurance plan.

If your health insurance company or health plan has refused to provide your child with ABA, speech therapy and/or occupational therapy, please contact us.