Fighting Health Insurance Denials




Los Angeles lawyer Scott Glovsky has written a book that serves as a reference source for lawyers fighting health insurance denial cases. In this step-by-step guide, he examines the basics of health insurance, lawyer’s role in fighting a health insurance denial, pre-trial and trial preparation, damages, bad faith cases against HMOs, how Obamacare affects insurance and rights, and examples of bad faith cases. Having spent most of his law career representing people in health care cases, Scott understands the ins and outs of health insurance, medical necessity denials and related topics.


“I have represented parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders seeking medically necessary behavioral therapy from large health plans. During the course of these lawsuits, I learned that certain health plans systemically claimed that behavioral therapy was not covered.  However, under the Mental Health Parity Act, coverage was required. For this reason, it is important to know your clients’ rights and to not accept on its face any denials of coverage.” (Chapter 2: Understanding Consumer Rights to Identify Violations)

“If you can establish that the insurer engaged in the bad faith conduct towards your client because of a systemic practice that damages other policyholders, the jurors will be more likely to punish the insurer to deter similar conduct in the future.” (Chapter 11: Developing Pattern and Practice Evidence)

“Voir dire in California’s civil courts is fairly liberal, but there is a limit on acceptable activity. If practitioners keep these boundaries in mind and focus on the county specific local rules for the county in which they are conducting their trial, then they can confidently be free to focus on the art and strategy of voir dire.” (Chapter 18: Voir Dire)

Thoughts on the Book

“This is an essential book for any lawyer handling a case against health insurance companies. Not only does Glovsky provide the nuts and bolts of the litigation, he also teaches lawyers the most effective way to present their client’s cases. Glovsky has a wealth of experience in battles with health insurance companies and thankfully shares lessons from the trenches. If you are looking for a roadmap in handling some of the more intricate and latest issues, including the Affordable Care Act, you will encounter in litigation with health insurance companies, this book is a must for your bookshelf.”

Ken Levinson
Founding Partner and Trial Lawyer

Levinson and Stefani

Co-Author of Litigating Major Automobile Injury and Death Cases
Chicago, Illinois

“Glovsky’s Primer provides an insightful and informative guide based upon lessons he has learned in his years of battling giant health insurers on behalf of individuals and their families. He provides not only a discussion of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the law controlling these cases, but also an exploration of how to develop themes and bring your clients’ stories to life in a way that will connect with a jury. It is an invaluable resource for those attorneys joining Glovsky’s fight against these giant insurers.”

Michael Callahan
The Callahan Law Firm

Houston, Texas

Instructor at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College