Los Angeles Medical Necessity Denial Appeals Lawyer

Health insurance companies generally require that you prove that your proposed treatment is medically necessary. As such, health insurance companies often review and deny a payment for a service, procedure, or treatment because they deem it not to be so.

On top of potentially preventing you from receiving the care and treatment you need, this possibility is also a concern because many insurance companies employ teams of people whose sole job is to look for reasons to deny a person’s claim. It does not matter what type of health insurance plan you are covered by—if you are denied coverage for a prescription, procedure, service, or diagnostic test, it could have a serious impact on your health.

Rather than just accepting a denial, though, you have the right to appeal your insurer’s decision. After conducting a thorough investigation and review of your policy and applicable laws and regulations, a Los Angeles medical necessity denial appeals lawyer could help guide you through the internal and external appeals process. In addition, a health insurance denial attorney could help file a lawsuit to recover any out-of-pocket expenses you may have incurred because your health insurance company denied your claim.

Navigating an Internal Appeal

If an insurance company denies a course of treatment because of a lack of medical necessity, the first course of action is typically to go through an internal appeals process. If denying them coverage, insurance companies must provide insured individuals with a denial letter which includes how to begin the internal appeals process.

In most cases, a claimant would need to provide a written statement by their doctor explaining why the denial was improper—in other words, explaining in more detail why they need the procedure, medication, or medical device in question. Indeed, collecting medical evidence to support why a course of treatment is medically necessary is generally critical to a successful appeal.

In addition to supporting an internal appeal with sufficient evidence and support, it is also important to note that an appeal must be filed within 180 days of receiving a denial notice. A Los Angeles medical Necessity denial appeals lawyer could help denied policyholders ensure they file their appeal within this deadline.

Applying for an Independent Medical Review

In 2001, the California state legislature created the Independent Medical Review Program. During an independent medical review, a medical professional determines whether an insurance company had a basis for denying a procedure as not medically necessary by examining medical records, professional standards, and their own expertise.

If the independent medical review determines that the insurance company acted improperly, they would work through one of two regulatory bodies in the state of California to issue a written decision in an effort to compel the insurance company to change its decision: the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) or the California Department of Insurance (CDI).

The DMHC manages and oversees all health care plans, while the CDI governs insurance policies. It is critical to identify which regulatory agency to contact and to work with before pursuing an appeal.

Filing Suit with a Los Angeles Medical Necessity Denial Appeals Attorney’s Help

While the internal review process and external appeals can result in the insurance company changing their decision, in some cases the only way to secure coverage is to file a lawsuit. If you or a loved one had a claim denied because of lack of medical necessity, contact a Los Angeles medical necessity denial appeals lawyer today to determine what options may be best suited to your circumstances.