Pasadena Autism Legal Cases

Important Autism Legal Cases Creating Reinstatement Rights For Insurance Policyholders

Autistic children, their families and passionate lawyers have waged a battle to force health insurance companies to pay for behavioral therapy treatments. Today, California health insurance companies are required to provide these treatments to those insured with autism. Once this was not the case. The cases listed below are some of the most important cases that made it what it is today.

A State case often pointed to by California courts supporting behavioral therapy treatments.

Burke v. Independence Blue Cross

A California case arguing that ABA is a well-established treatment modality that and not experimental.

McHenry v. PacificSource Health Plans

A California case holding that California’s Mental Health Parity Act requires health insurers to cover “all medically necessary treatment” for severe mental illnesses “under the same financial terms as those applied to physical illnesses.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – Harlick v. Blue Shield

A State case holding that Medicaid program must cover Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) for Medicaid-eligible minors diagnosed with autism.

Florida, K.G. v. Dudek