Pasadena Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatments

If you have been denied coverage for these treatments, call me today.

The California Mental Health Parity Act requires health plans to cover Autism Spectrum Disorders to the same extent that they cover other physical illnesses. However, many of the following treatments are commonly denied by health insurance plans. If you have been denied or limited on any of the following treatments, please call my office. I help families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders fight for their rights and the insurance coverage they deserve throughout the State of California.

  • Behavioral Interventions

    The goal of behavioral intervention is to analyze and change problem behaviors. Research has shown that intensive and sustained behavioral interventions early in life can help children with autism and ASD acquire self-care, social and job skills, and can often improve functioning and decrease symptom severity and maladaptive behaviors…

  • Pivotal Response Techniques

    Pivotal response teaching (PRT) is a method that uses naturalistic and motivational procedures to increase appropriate developmental behaviors in children with autism. PRT focuses especially on fostering communication and play behaviors….
    To read more about Pivotal Response Techniques, please click here.

  • Discrete Trial Training

    Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a technique that is used within the realm of Applied Behavior Analysis. “DTT methods are useful in establishing learning readiness by teaching foundation skills such as attention, compliance, imitation, and discrimination learning…

  • Rapid Prompting Method

    Rapid Prompting Method (“RPM”) is a teaching method for students with autism. RPM uses a “teach-ask” paradigm to elicit responses from the child to intensive verbal, auditory, visual and/or tactile prompts (questions) from the teacher.

The above are types of ABA, or behavioral interventions, that can improve symptoms and behaviors.  They can help with social skills, positive peer interactions, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, self esteem, coping skills, movement and coordination.

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If you have been denied coverage or reimbursement from your health insurance provider in California for any of the above, or any other Autism Spectrum Disorder related treatments, please contact my office today.