Pasadena Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

The law and the vehicle code in California in general which applies to Pasadena drivers is that when a driver of a vehicle is entering or crossing a highway or there are other circumstances, too: when entering from an alley, or from a public street, or a private property, or if they are in a crosswalk, trying to make a left turn, they have an obligation to yield to traffic that is coming in the other direction in order to avoid accidents.

If you violate this, it can increase your comparative negligence but it can also increase the likelihood of a finding of fault by an insurance company or a finding of liability by a judge or a jury. If you have been injured in a failure to yield accident, consult a determined car accident attorney. A Pasadena failure to yield accident lawyer could work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Potential Collision Injuries

Accidents caused by another driver failing to yield the right of way can cause serious injuries, especially if at least one of the motor vehicles is traveling at a high speed just before the impact. Seat belts airbags can reduce injuries, but the various types of failure to yield accidents can still cause various severe damages. After a collision, individuals may suffer from head trauma, bone fractures, knee, hip and shoulder injuries, fractured wrists and ankles, and spinal cord injuries.

Rollover and Side-Impact Crashes

Rollover accidents may occur in intersection accidents when a motor vehicle fails to yield to those with the right of way. Rollovers can cause crush injuries and sometimes result in spinal injury and paralysis for life. In addition, side-impact collision injuries where the driver or passengers strike their head or body against the interior of the motor vehicle on window posts, windshields, windows, dashboards or steering wheels, can be particularly serious. In such an accident, there is often very little protective material preventing struck drivers or passengers from being injured.

Common Fact Patterns

If a pedestrian is on an intersection or a crosswalk and a driver does not stop and causes injury, that is a common circumstance. If there is oncoming traffic and a person is trying to make a left turn and they do not wait until it is safe and yield to oncoming traffic, that is another common circumstances. Oftentimes, when getting on and off freeways, such as passing the 110 freeway, there are often yield signs or stop signs visible, and if they do not wait an appropriate amount of time and that often can lead to an accident as well.

This is, again, an area where it is helpful to have eyewitnesses and to look for surveillance footage, police reports. A Pasadena failure to yield accident lawyer can use accident reconstruction experts and a human factors expert and medical experts to identify how the accident occurred to find out who is at fault when there was an accident that arose out of a failure to yield.


How a Pasadena Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Can Help

If you have been injured in a failure to yield accident, a Pasadena failure to yield accident lawyer can be a great asset. Insurance companies are going to assess liability depending on the circumstances of the case. If a person is a driver and they did not yield, then the insurance companies are not going to find the person at fault for the injuries and accidents, generally, that arise from that failure. Your lawyer could serve as a liaison between you and the insurance company