Unique Aspects of Pasadena Hit-and-Run Accidents

If you wish to learn more about unique aspects of Pasadena hit-and-run accidents, a skilled injury attorney may be able to assist you by letting you know how these cases could affect your ability to receive compensation. Depending on whether or not you contributed to the accident’s cause, your recoverable damages may be decreased. Read on to learn about examples of unique aspects of Pasadena hit-and-run accidents, as well as the ways a professional lawyer can make a difference for you.

Common Types of Hit-and-Run Accidents

While individuals may most often associate hit-and-run accidents with a collision between two vehicles, it is important to know that there are several other situations that could apply to this type of incident as well. A plaintiff can also recover damages for a hit-and-run accident if the driver at fault damaged someone’s property, hit a pedestrian or bicyclist, or crashed into a parked car without making an attempt to leave their contact information at the scene.

Criminal Allegations

Among the unique aspects of Pasadena hit-and-run accidents compared to other collisions exists the possibility of a violation of a law or statute by leaving the scene without exchanging insurance information. In California and in Pasadena, if a someone violates the law while acting negligently, it could be easier to prove their liability in court. If someone is committing a hit-and-run, they could not only be liable for the damage that they caused to other individuals and their property involved, but also for committing a crime.

Identifying the Liable Party

From the plaintiff’s perspective, it becomes difficult to discover the identity of the individual who hit them if they drove away. This could take away one potential avenue of recovery for damages, because if they cannot figure out who the liable driver is, then they cannot sue them or seek damages from their insurance company. However, this does not mean that the plaintiff has no chances of recovering from their injuries. They should contact a professional injury lawyer to discuss their case because they might have an insurance policy that could allow for hit-and-run damage recovery. In addition, there could be other reasons that contributed to the accident such as dangerous landscape and architecture either on public or private land. The liability could then fall to a city or a county, or a property owner if the accident occurred on private land.

How an Attorney Can Help

Dedicated attorneys can help an individual assess their situation and what avenues of recovery they could fight for. If the plaintiff is unable to identify who the liable driver is, a professional lawyer can help them understand how they could recover compensation from other sources. A lawyer can also assist in tracking down the driver at fault by using consultants, personal investigators, and subpoena records from traffic cameras. An attorney experienced in handling the unique aspects of Pasadena hit-and-run accidents could use their skills to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and handle all communications with the insurance company to help fight for one’s deserved compensation.

If you wish to learn more about the unique aspects of Pasadena hit-and-run accidents, do not hesitate to contact a professional injury attorney today.