Negotiating a Pasadena Car Insurance Settlement

Settling with a car insurance company can be a notoriously difficult process and is often a hassle to deal with after experiencing a dangerous car accident. If you are faced with the task of negotiating a Pasadena car insurance settlement, it may be helpful to contact a seasoned car accident attorney to learn more about the settlement and negotiation processes in California. Legal counsel could ensure that you are getting the recovery you deserve following a car wreck.

How Car Insurance Claims are Calculated

Claims adjusters for insurance companies calculate settlement values by assessing the damage to a vehicle involved in an accident. In theory, the insurance company will pay for needed repairs, or for the value of the car if the vehicle’s damages would be more expensive to repair than the car itself is worth. However, disputes can arise when insurance companies try to pay less than the maximum amount.

If someone feels that they should be paid more than the insurance claims adjuster offers, it is important to collect evidence to support that claim. Photographs of the vehicle and independent estimates can be useful evidence for negotiating a Pasadena car insurance settlement.

Reimbursement for Injuries

If someone is injured in a car accident, they may have grounds to file a personal injury claim. This is a different matter than a simple negotiation with the insurance company, often requiring the knowledge and experience of a well-trained attorney. However, if the filing party is not injured in the accident and only damages to the vehicle need to be covered, it is possible to handle the negotiation of a car insurance settlement in a much more straightforward manner.

Tactics of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often do not want to pay out the full potential value of a settlement, and there are several tactics they may use to avoid having to do so. First, the insurance could stall for time rather than processing the payment request efficiently, in the hopes that the average person will soon get tired and withdraw the claim.

Another tactic insurance companies sometimes use is a denial of fault. Immediately after the car accident, an insurance company may claim that its policyholder was not responsible, meaning that the company does not legally have to pay for the other vehicle’s repairs. This can lead to long and drawn-out court cases in which the presence of a lawyer can be of significant help.

Insurance companies may also claim that damage to the vehicle occurred before the alleged accident, in which case they should not have to pay as much. Regularly photographing one’s vehicle can help to dispel such claims. An attorney can help a plaintiff assign negligence in a car wreck claim.

What to Do When Negotiating a Pasadena Car Insurance Settlements

Though dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating, it is important not to be bullied. When negotiating a Pasadena car insurance settlement, you should remain calm and photograph the scene of the accident and the extent of the damage to your vehicle.

If you are negotiating with a car insurance company in Pasadena, make sure you ask the claims adjuster to justify their recommended payout. Also, make sure that you do not automatically accept the first offer made by the insurance company. Take time to go over the details and contact a dedicated lawyer who can help advise you on the process.