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A personal message from Scott Glovsky:

“As a father of young children, I am constantly aware of the dangers that children face. Some of these dangers arise out of every day activities such as playing soccer in the park with a group of friends. However, there is also always the danger of other people causing harm to your child. As a child injury lawyer, I help children and their families when someone or something else causes such an injury to a child.

“Every day defective products, negligent drivers, and other people in our communities harm children. The damage that these harms cause is unique to the circumstances of each case. What is not unique is the right for a child to seek justice and compensation for the harms that other people or organizations intentionally or negligently cause.

“As a father, I also understand the day-to-day concerns and needs of children. We can help minimize the disruption and stress in your life and your child’s life during a lawsuit.

“My firm helps children and their families recover damages from people and organizations that cause harm to children. See the Practice Areas section for the types of cases we can help you pursue. If we have not listed your type of case, please contact us and we can discuss your specific circumstances.”

Scott Glovsky – Child Personal Injury Lawyer & Advocate

How a Family Can Seek Justice for Harm to Their Child – Civil Suits Versus Criminal Suits

Harm to children may involve a criminal offense. When it does, recourse for the harm is potentially pursuable through two justice systems: the criminal system and the civil system. If the harm was not criminal then the only option is to pursue relief through the civil justice system.

Basic Differences Between Civil and Criminal Suits

Who Files SuitThe state through a prosecutorA child’s parent or guardian
What Type of Case Is Filed (Crime, Cause of Action)A Crime (child abuse, assault, battery, etc.)A Tort or Harm (negligence, willful misconduct, etc.) or other non criminal cause of action
Burden of ProofBeyond a reasonable doubtPreponderance of the evidence
Primary Showing / DeterminationGuilt or innocenceIs offender or third party liable for the injuries sustained as a result of the harm
Available Recovery / Justice
  • Conviction of guilty offender
  • Possible access to victim compensation funds
  • Economic damage like medical costs
  • Non-economic damage like pain & suffering
  • Punishment penalties (“punitive damages”)


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Managing and Protecting a Child During a Civil Proceeding

As a child injury lawyer, I understand how laws apply to children. Different laws at the state and federal level help protect children during a lawsuit. Many laws provide guidance and protection related to:

Shielding procedures:

These concern methods where child witnesses may avoid direct contact with the defendant while testifying using techniques like screens or barriers, videotape, and closed-circuit television.

Presence of a family member:

Areas concerning the presence and proximity of a parent or guardian when a child is questioned or providing testimony.

Frequency of testimony:

Covering areas involving the frequency with which a child has to testify for the court and in discovery proceedings.

Out of court testimony:

How the court handles and introduces child testimony not given in the courtroom.

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