Liability in Pasadena Dangerous Drugs Cases

In many cases, people balance the known risk and severity of various side effects with the medical benefits of a given drug in order to make an informed decision about their personal medical care. When a drug causes dangerous side effects without warning, however, the company that manufactured that drug could be held liable for that unexpected harm. Pasadena law requires drug companies to warn consumers about potential side effects and subject all drugs to rigorous testing before releasing them on the market.

If you experience unexpected side effects as a result of taking medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, you could be entitled to compensation. An experienced dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help by finding other plaintiffs who experienced similar side effects, investigating whether the drug’s manufacturer tested it according to FDA regulations, and gather evidence from medical professionals to prove that the drug directly caused your symptoms. Call an experienced personal injury attorney today to get started on establishing liability in Pasadena dangerous drug cases.

Defective Design of Drug

One way a drug company might be liable for the harm their drug caused by someone taking it is by designing that drug in a way that causes more harm than necessary. For instance, there may have been a way to design a drug so that it did not cause a particular side effect, but the company chose to use a more dangerous design because it was less expensive to produce.

More often, however, defective design stems from simple negligence on the part of the manufacturers in the form of failing to rigorously research and test the drug enough to avoid the dangerous side effect. Some of these side effects could result in catastrophic injuries, like damage to internal organs.  A  skilled dangerous drugs attorney may be able to unearth evidence of such a design decision and use it to prove liability in Pasadena dangerous drug cases

Manufacturing Defect

Another way a drug company could be held responsible for damage caused by one of its products is through a manufacturing defect. If a drug’s design is safe but an error occurs during the manufacturing process that creates an unsafe side effect in the drug, a dangerous drugs attorney may be able to prove that the drug company is liable for harm caused by the unintended substance.

Warning Labels

Warning labels can be quite important when determining liability in Pasadena dangerous drug cases. The FDA requires drug companies to label their products with all potential side effects. This warning allows the consumer to make an informed decision about whether they should use a medication. If a drug manufacturer fails to list a potential side effect of its product, they could be held responsible for damages that occur due to that side effect.

Consulting a Pasadena Dangerous Drugs Attorney

People make a careful cost-benefit analysis each time we choose to take a prescription drug, weighing the pros and cons and considering the risk of side effects that come with any medication. In other words, they expect to be able to make a fully informed decision about their own health.

When a drug company causes unexpected harm due to the design, manufacture, or sale or a medication, they could be liable for the damages of anyone hurt as a result. An attorney may know of other plaintiffs who have reported similar unexpected side effects and could include your case with a class action suit if one exists. They also could investigate the drug and its manufacturing and distribution process to determine if you have an actionable claim.

If you experience unexpected side effects after the use of a medication, contact a defective drugs lawyer as soon as possible to start exploring your options. Work with an attorney that has experience establishing liability in Pasadena dangerous drug cases, that can fight for you.