Pasadena Defective Products Lawyer

Each day, people in Pasadena rely on a myriad of products to make their life convenient: vehicles, kitchen appliances, tools, electronic devices, and countless others. They trust that the companies that make and sell these products have worked throughout their design, manufacturing, and distribution to ensure they are safe for normal use. Normal use of an electronic device such as a tablet, for example, should not make the device overheat and cause injury or property damage due to normal use.

When products cause unintended harm as a result of normal everyday use, the company that manufactured that product may be liable for selling a defective product. Cases based on such defects typically proceed based on product liability law. If you suffer injury or property damage due to a defective product, a Pasadena defective products lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Strict Product Liability

In Pasadena, if a company manufactures, designs, or distributes a product, that company owes a duty to the consumer to make sure the product is safe to use in a reasonably foreseeable manner. According to the strict product liability laws applicable in Pasadena, if a product leaves a company’s control and is not safe to use because of a manufacturing or design defect, and the product causes harm to a consumer, the company may be held liable for that harm. A defective products attorney in Pasadena can help an injured person hold the responsible company liable for damages.

Design Defects

One way a company could be liable for damages caused by one of its products is by designing a product in a way that is inherently dangerous if used in a foreseeable manner. For example, a hair dryer could be made of plastic too weak to withstand the heat of the coil inside and cause a burn injury to its user when it melts during use.

A Pasadena defective products lawyer can investigate industry standards for certain types of products and might be able to demonstrate that a product was inherently dangerous due to a flaw in its design.

Manufacturing Defects

Another way a company could be liable for damages caused by one of its products is if there was a defect in its manufacturing. For example, a power tool may have been designed correctly, but a missing component left out during its manufacture could cause it to injure the consumer who uses it correctly. A defective products lawyer in Pasadena may be able to use the fact that a bolt is missing to argue that the manufacturer is liable for damages caused by the defective tool.

Failure to Warn

If a product is inherently dangerous to use, manufacturers and distributors are generally required by law to place an adequate warning label on the product. If an injury results from a failure to attach such a label to a dangerous product, the company responsible could be liable to anyone harmed by the product in that particular way.

How a Pasadena Defective Products Attorney Could Help

Using a product in its intended manner should not result in injury or damage to you or your personal property. If you suffer harm through the normal use of a product, a Pasadena defective products lawyer could investigate whether a design or manufacturing defect caused that damage, or if an adequate warning label would have prevented it.

In order to prove liability in a defective products case, a qualified attorney may need to carefully research the product’s relevant industry to understand its design and manufacturing process. Because a defective product claim in Pasadena must be brought within two years of the alleged harm, it is often a good idea to file a claim as early as possible. Consult a Pasadena defective products attorney right away to begin working on your case.