Pasadena Marine and Boat Insurance Claims Denial Lawyer

Insurance policies can provide a valuable safety net in the event of a disaster, and an effective policy can provide needed money to repair property damage or pay medical bills. Unfortunately, it is all too common for insurance companies to attempt to avoid paying legitimate claims, even for personal property like a private boat or watercraft.

Policyholders who make a claim only to face a denial have the right to take their case to court. This lawsuit can demand that the insurance company honor their policy and make payment on a claim. A Pasadena marine and boat insurance claim denial lawyer can help you understand your coverage and take steps to demand enforcement after a denial. Call a dedicated personal injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

How an Insurance Company Might Justify Denying a Claim

Insurance policies are a contract between the insurer and the customer. They state that if the property covered under the policy becomes damaged, the company will pay to repair or replace the item. However, just like any other contract, the exact wording of a boat insurance policy is vitally important to its scope and enforceability.

Some boat insurance policies will only pay for damage that occurs while the boat is in the water. Others may pay out only when the damage is another boater’s fault. When an insurance company denies a claim based on the language of the contract, a close reading of the contract is essential to understanding why. A Pasadena marine and boat insurance claims denial lawyer can help people apply the language of their policy to the facts of their accident.

Rescission of Boat Insurance Policies

Insurance companies can also deny a claim by alleging that the contract should never have existed in the first place. They may argue that the policyholder was not truthful on their policy application and argue that they would not have issued the policy if they knew the truth.

Allegations that the policyholder entered into the contract illegally are a powerful tool for the insurance companies, but the ability of insurance companies to rescind policies in this manner is strictly limited by California law.

Standing Up for the Rights of Boat Owners

Because an insurance policy is a contract, anyone who has a claim denied can argue that the company has breached their contract. A breach of contract is a classic example of valid grounds for a civil lawsuit, in which the policyholder argues that the insurance company failed in their obligation to live up to their end of the bargain when they did not pay the claim.

A Pasadena marine and boat insurance claims denial attorney can help a policyholder prepare and file these lawsuits in California’s courts. They may also be able to help people evaluate the actions of their insurer to determine if they have acted in bad faith.

Consulting a Pasadena Marine and Boat Insurance Claims Denial Attorney

Boating is an expensive yet rewarding hobby. Many people take the added precaution of having insurance on their boats against damage that can occur while on the water, at a dock, in a trailer, or even on dry land.

People expect that when damage occurs that their insurance companies will efficiently pay their claims. Unfortunately, insurance companies often make their profits by denying claims and may get creative in finding ways to do so. However, a denial can sometimes be the source of a claim for a breach of contract or may violate California’s laws concerning insurance businesses.

A Pasadena marine and boat insurance claims denial lawyer can help you learn why you were denied coverage, demonstrate what steps you can take to demand enforcement, and work on your behalf to pursue legal remedies. Schedule an initial meeting with a qualified attorney today to see where your case may go.