Pasadena Personal Injury Law Trial Attorney

Personal injury law covers a broad range of situations where a person or business has been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, or government agency. You’ll often hear personal injury law referred to as “tort” law. Tort means “harm” in French. And when someone harms another, you have a “tort.”

There are many types of personal injuries where a lawsuit helps ensure that a victim is fully compensated. Some of the more common include: motorcycle and auto accidents, work accidents, product defect accidents, pedestrian accidents, dental and medical malpractice, industrial disease type accidents (mesothelioma, asbestos) and wrongful terminations.

See Personal Injury Law 101 for additional information on general personal injury law.

The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky Are Run By Trial Lawyers with a Process To Win Your Case

We’re not a factory that takes on hundreds of cases. We are trial attorneys with a history of bringing important cases to trial against some of the largest companies and organizations in California.

We represent real people with real problems. We focus on individuals and their families that have suffered serious harms, injuries and losses. We work with residents of Los Angeles, Pasadena, Claremont and other cities and counties throughout California.

Although every case is unique, we have a proven process to maximize your opportunity for justice and compensation. The cases we take involve the steps below:

How We Operate If We Take Your Case

1. We Listen
We work with families and children that face all sorts of terrible situations. We care about you and your loss. The case is all about you, your loss, your harm, your family and your life. Because your situation is unique, we can’t possibly fight for your rights if we don’t truly and carefully listen to you.

2. We Prepare the Facts & Heart of Your Case
Once we fully understand your situation, we start to prepare the facts of your case. We carefully investigate and document these facts. We interview witnesses. We may call on experts such as medical professionals to help assess your physical harms, economic experts to help assess your financial harms and engineers and accident reconstruction experts to help assess how and why an accident occurred. We also prepare the heart of your case – the story of the incident and how the injuries have impacted you and your family. We establish the good guys and the bad guys. We want to show how the bad guys harmed the good guys. We may test our approach with focus groups and mock juries.

3. We Apply the Law to the Facts of Your Case
We analyze the law relative to your case and apply the law in the most effective way to the facts of your case. There can be hundreds of legal issues involved in a case. Most of these issues are addressed in court pleadings and motions. Issues include jurisdiction, proper causes of action, what evidence can be heard, which witnesses will testify and jury instructions. It is important to think about how different a case may be prepared by an experienced trial attorney versus an attorney who wants to settle out of court. What is second nature to an experience trial attorney may play little role in the thinking of a non-trial attorney. A trial attorney is more likely to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case if it goes to trial. And a trial attorney will have more experience in highlighting your case’s strengths at trial and the other side’s weaknesses.

4. We Develop Strategy & Tactics To Maximize Your Chances Of Winning
Cases can be settled out of court or at trial. Trial attorneys have experience with both: non-trial attorneys don’t. Inexperienced trial attorneys may be using your case a guinea pig – experimenting. We develop a strategy and tactics to maximize your recovery of damages. Because we have extensive trial experience and a history of taking complex cases to trial, the other side and their attorneys know we mean business.

5. We Will Help You Manage Media & Public Relations
We’re experienced in working with the media and helping you navigate the media. In seeking justice, our clients are often interested in sharing their stories with the media. They want to prevent what happened to them or their loved ones from happening again. Many of our clients want to change how an industry behaves. They want to make an organization care about their patients and customers so that similar injuries and harms can be prevented in the future. Some want to remain private. Whatever your preference, we help you.

6. We Love Going To Trial
We’re trial lawyers. We try cases and we win. The other side fears good trial attorneys more than anything because experienced trial attorneys can create large jury verdicts. Large verdicts can ruin everything on the other side. They create fear in the other side because they impact the profitability of the organizations involved: the liable company, their insurance companies and their attorneys. Insurance companies and their lawyers aren’t afraid to fight with non-trial attorneys. They often are with good trial attorneys.

Taking legal action can be a big step. We’ll provide you with information to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Since 1999, Scott Glovsky and the personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky have been assisting the injured. You deserve to know your legal options. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.