Sexual Abuse at Camps in Pasadena

Over 11 million kids attend camps every year. The U.S. has about 12,000 camps: 7,000 overnight camps and 5,000 day camps. Camps come in every variety imaginable and focus on everything from sports to managing a health condition. Here are some of the areas camps specialize in:

  • Art
  • Leadership
  • Social skills
  • Weight loss
  • Managing and living with a health condition (diabetes, arthritis and rheumatic conditions, hemophilia, attention deficit disorder – ADD / ADHD, etc.)
  • Physical disabilities
  • Mental disabilities (down’s syndrome, autism, etc.)
  • Bereavement camp
  • Outdoor activities (camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, boating, etc.)
  • Sports (basketball, baseball, soccer, skiing, tennis, softball, volleyball, swimming, sailing, etc.)

Camps have become a $15 billion business. Camps have duties to train their employees properly. They often employ administrators, directors, cooks, cleaning crews, volunteers, counselors and counselors-in-training. Camps have a duty to train their staff and protect their attendees and the duties are especially high for the owners of camps and employees in supervisory roles.

Like every industry, some businesses operate to serve others, and some to serve the pocketbooks of their owners. Some camps cut corners and fail to train and supervise employees and volunteers properly, which can lead to horrible camp injuries and warrant the attention of a Pasadena sex abuse attorney.

Abuse by Camp Employees, Volunteers, and Attendees

Sexual abuse at camps occurs with alarming frequency and there are many opportunities for camp employees to come into contact with children. Camp counselors and employees are positioned as mentors, teachers and friends of camp attendees. There is an expectation of trust. Many of these encounters may occur in isolation. For these reasons, sexual predators are known to seek out employment or volunteer opportunities at children’s camps.

Camp sexual abuse also occurs among camp attendees. Camp administrators, counselors and employees have a duty to keep your children safe.

Keeping Your Kids Safe A Camp

There is no guaranteed way to keep your children safe from sexual predators. But there are things that you can do and ask when selecting a camp for your child. These include:

  • Asking if criminal background checks are done on all employees
  • Requesting the camp’s risk-management procedures and training protocols
  • Is there a bullying policy? What is it and how is it enforced?
  • Are at least two counselors or adults present in each cabin?
  • What are the policies for age group separation for sleeping and activities?
  • What are the procedures for keeping camp employees (teachers, counselors, volunteers, etc.) from being alone with children?
  • What are the policies and supervision requirements for field trips?

There is no excuse for sexual abuse at camp.

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