Campus Sexual Abuse in Pasadena

There over 20 million students attending American colleges and universities. According to the White House Task Force To Protect Students From Sexual Assault (April 2014), one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted in college. This statistic suggests that over 2 million women are sexually assaulted while at college. Add a smaller percentage of men who sexually assaulted and it is clear that we have a pandemic of abuse on our college campuses.

Students go to college with many expectations including learning, transitioning into adulthood, gaining career skills, playing sports and having fun. To support these goals, colleges provide carefully trained professors and coaches. They authorize and regulate organizations. They provide housing. They promulgate numerous rules and regulations for anyone and any organization operating on campus, with students or in affiliation with the college. In other words, colleges and universities are highly structured and protective environments. Campus sexual abuse occurs when these structures fail.

Simply stated, colleges and universities are supposed to be safe places for children to grow into adults. When campus sexual abuse occurs, it is because someone has committed a crime, some organization has failed to adhere to its rules, or both.

Forms of Campus Sexual Abuse

Common forms of campus sexual abuse include:

  • sexual assault (unwanted touching or sexual intercourse)
  • violence
  • stalking
  • retaliation
  • intimidation
  • sexual exploitation
  • drugging

Victims of abuse are often scared to report their abuse: they may not fully understand their rights, they may be afraid of repercussions, or they may be cloudy about what happened. The abuse may have occurred at the hands of a person in authority like a coach or a professor, or at the hands of a fellow student. The Law Office of Scott Glovsky in Pasadena, California, have experience going to trial for victims of abuse.

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