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Many of us have attended religious school or church. We were taught right from wrong. We learned through studying religious texts. We learned through stories. We learned to pray. We were guided on this journey by members of the clergy, priesthood, and religious leaders.

Many of us became active and eager participants in church and religious ceremonies, holidays, and activities and were met with love, trust, loyalty and fidelity. For the vast majority of us, church or religious school was and is a positive and essential part of our development. However, for too many children, this trust was horribly violated. Religious leaders are supposed to provide spiritual and moral guidance. Sexual abuse inflicted be members of the clergy, priesthood or by a religious leader is the ultimate betrayal.

It has been uncovered that thousands have been victimized by evil people using their religious stature to groom, betray and abuse children. The only benefit of the sheer amount of abuse victims is that it is now becoming safe and acceptable for survivors to speak out and tell their stories.

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