Pasadena Foster Care Sexual Abuse Lawyer

About 250,000 kids enter the U.S. foster care system each year. At any one time, as many as 500,000 children are in the system. Foster kids are children who had to be removed from their families due to abusive or neglectful situations.

Foster parents and families are among the most amazing citizens in the U.S. They offer love and shelter to needy children. They provide supportive environments. They help raise children who cannot be kept with their parents. Most are angels, committed to proving a loving and supportive environment.

Problems in Foster Care

However, the burden and responsibilities of being a parent are tremendous. Parenting someone else’s child is often a greater burden and responsibility than parenting one’s own. Because of this reality, states provide supervision of foster households. Most states require specific training and follow visitation protocols to ensure that the foster child is safe and healthy.

But states and the agencies responsible for managing and monitoring foster care programs are often faced with small budgets. This can lead to understaffing and minimal or faulty training. When things are bad at a state agency, they become especially bad when a child must be emergency placed (place immediately because of a dangerous situation). These types of situations often lead to an inability of state officials and agencies to provide the level of supervision required by law. They may not adequately screen the foster parents. They may fail to supervise placed children. Sexual predators can and do emerge in these environments with alarming frequency.

Foster children are incredibly vulnerable. They may have a history of violence and abuse. They may fear abandonment. They may find it difficult to tell their story.

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When the state, its agencies or its subcontractors fail to protect foster children in their care, or ignore signs that kids are being abused, they may be liable for the resulting sexual abuse. The Pasadena foster care sex abuse lawyers at Law Offices of Scott Glovsky in Pasadena, California, can help. Please contact our law firm at (626) 243-5598 or fill out our contact form. The consultation is free.