Establishing Liability in Pasadena Sexual Abuse Cases

If you require professional assistance in establishing liability in Pasadena sexual abuse cases, do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled injury attorney today for assistance. A thorough investigation may be able to yield key evidence that can be used against the aggressor to show your eligibility for injury compensation. Read on to learn more about what goes into establishing liability in Pasadena sexual abuse cases, as well as the ways a dedicated lawyer could help you today.

Defining Liability Under Pasadena Law

Liability can be thought of as one’s legal responsibility for another’s injuries and the conduct that led to those damages. In sexual abuse cases, liability can show its face in multiple ways. An individual could have legal responsibility for sexual abuse injuries if they were the one who caused them. There could also be a liability against those who had a duty to keep the plaintiff safe but violated those duties.

An entity such as a school or a Boy Scout troop would qualify as one of these parties as they are trusted to keep parents’ children safe. If they unreasonably expose a child to danger or harm and do not take action to protect them from probable risk or danger, then they will be held liable. Reach out to a dedicated injury lawyer to learn more.

When Parties Do Not Report Abuse

Negligence, in legal terms, is a failure to abide by a duty and, generally, a duty of reasonable care that everyone in California law and in Pasadena owes to one another. It is a duty of ordinary and reasonable care to prevent harm to others. There is an even higher duty if someone is responsible for a child and there is a violation of that duty because they are acting unreasonably even if there is no criminal intent. If someone is not intending to harm the child but they are taking no action to protect them by reporting abuse, then that is considered negligence and they can be held at least partially liable for the injuries to the child or any other individual because they are allowing the abusive actions to continue.

Representation and Privacy Concerns

If a person is sexually abused and they are a child, then they cannot come on their own to represent themselves. They would need what is called a guardian ad litem, which is generally a parent or any adult who has responsibility for that individual.

It could be a mother or a father who steps forward and represents that child in the court so that they can still seek recoveries for their injuries that arose of the sexual abuse even when they are too young to speak for themselves. If the plaintiff is an adult, then they can represent themselves. In either case, to protect their privacy in these sensitive matters, the allegations and the information that is in the court records are usually filed under pseudonyms such as John Doe, Jane Doe, or one’s initials by an attorney.

To learn more about establishing liability in Pasadena sexual abuse cases, reach out to a compassionate injury attorney today who can fight for your deserved compensation.