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Drivers share the road with all kinds of vehicles. Buses, tractor trailers, and service vehicles pass passenger vehicles every day without much thought. When cars and trucks collide, however, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. The difference in size between the average tractor-trailer and the average car or SUV is enormous, and this size disparity can lead to dangerous and often devastating collisions.

California law allows victims of truck accidents to pursue compensation when a negligent or reckless truck driver directly caused their accident. You can begin building your case today by calling a Pasadena truck accident lawyer. A confidential consultation can start your journey towards justice.

How Truck Accidents Happen

As with any kind of vehicle collision, truck accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons. The key difference lies in the weight and size of the average truck versus the average passenger vehicle on the road.

When cars of similar sizes collide, the damage is relative to the vehicles involved. When a small passenger vehicle collides with a tractor-trailer, however, the people in the smaller car are often catastrophically injured.

Many truck accidents are caused by drowsy truckers. These drivers work long hours and often forgo breaks in order to meet deadlines. Though most people will admit to driving while tired at least once in their lifetimes, this is a regular hazard for truck drivers. If they close their eyes for even a moment, they risk their truck drifting into another lane and striking other vehicles.

Furthermore, while distracted driving is a problem for virtually all motorists, it is especially dangerous for truck drivers. When truckers use their cell phones while driving, they lose focus on the road no matter how great of a multitasker they claim to be. Given how long the shifts are for truck drivers and how tempting a distraction a smartphone can be, it is no wonder that many truck accidents stem from distracted driving.

Bad weather, poor visibility, and slippery road conditions are hazardous for virtually all drivers, but especially so for truck drivers. Trucks that are not properly maintained can also cause serious accidents. In rare cases, tractor trailers that are not up to federal regulations for safety may have components fail in ways that lead to collisions.

Potential Recoverable Damages for Truck Accident Victims

Victims involved in truck accidents caused by reckless or negligent drivers have the right to pursue compensation, and a Pasadena truck accident lawyer can help them do that. Settlements for victims frequently include compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Punitive damages

A consultation with a truck accident attorney can give victims insight into how much they might receive in compensation after a collision. Every case is different, which means every settlement is unique.

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