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Winning in any competitive environment is hard work. It requires practice, skills and experience. Winning a civil suit like a personal injury case is no different. Yet very few lawyers have experience in actually bringing a lawsuit all the way to trial. Fewer still have actually conducted the trial as lead trial attorney.

Civil Lawsuit Statistics

• 2.5 million civil cases are filed each year
• Roughly 3% or less of civil lawsuits conclude by a trial, according to some studies
• Statistically, most lawyers don’t have trial experience
• Very few lawyers have complex ligation trial experience

Scott Glovsky is a Skilled Trial Attorney

Attorney Scott Glovsky is a proud and skilled trial lawyer, and loves to try cases. That’s why both highly experienced and younger lawyers refer cases to him when they need trial counsel.

Scott’s skills have been sharpened through the following activities:

• Trying and winning numerous cases
• Training from one of the top trial attorneys of all time – Gerry Spence
• Graduating from the Trial Lawyers College (and annual training at Trial Lawyers College)
• Running monthly meetings in Los Angeles with other graduates of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College to work on preparing our cases for trial
• Giving lecturers to Pasadena, Los Angeles and California lawyers on trial strategy
• Graduating from of one of the nation’s top law schools – Cornell Law School
• #1 Reason: Scott actually cares about justice, you and your case

Scott has written articles on building legal cases and trial strategy which can be reviewed below:

How an insurance bad faith case is built against an HMO
Consumer litigation under the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”
• Introduction to bad faith insurance litigation against HMOs


Scott Glovsky Is Trained To Tell Your Story

“To me, trying a lawsuit involves sharing the truth of my client’s case with a jury consisting of ordinary people from our community. I can only share my client’s truth if I know their story very well. I spend a lot of time with my clients. I need to truly understand how my client’s injuries have impacted their life and their family’s life.

“I seek to understand my client’s journey, their loss, their pain and their future. I seek to understand from where they started, where they are now and where they need to go in the future.

“As a trial lawyer, I need a strategy to win my client’s case. I trained rigorously and formally but a client’s case is heard and judged by a jury of people, not lawyers. So I had to develop skills and experience that allow me to try a case to a jury of people.

“My trial work relies on principles from storytelling, psychology, screenwriting, neuro-psychology, and political theory. I heavily utilize psychodrama, re-enactments, and focus groups. Most cases involve all of these techniques to ensure that my client’s story has the maximum impact on a jury.

“I work from my heart. My goal is to help the jury see, hear and feel my client’s story. I am a storyteller presenting the facts, the characters, and the themes. Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? What’s the harm? How can justice be served?

“Despite this complexity, my task is simple. Make my client’s story trustworthy, simple and compelling. And in the end, get justice.

“I give 100% to my clients. I promise to do everything within my power to win your case with caring, courtroom skill and compassion. If you need a trial lawyer who cares about your case, your family, your future, and the rewards that come when justice is served, call me now to discuss your case.”

Scott Glovsky

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