Los Angeles Healthnet Health Insurance Denial Lawyer

With the rising cost of healthcare, having health insurance can ensure that you and your family receive the medical care and treatment you deserve. However, large health insurance companies can deny your health insurance claim for a myriad of reasons, many of which have to do primarily with the insurance company wanting to make more money.

Fortunately, you have the right to file an appeal against large health insurance companies such as Healthnet to obtain the coverage you need for a course of treatment or a procedure. Health insurance policies are governed similar to contracts, which means insurance companies have a duty and an obligation under an insurance policy to manage all claims with good faith and to deal with each claim and person fairly.

If you were denied health insurance by Healthnet or another insurance company, contact a health insurance denial attorney today. A Los Angeles Healthnet health insurance denial lawyer could help policyholders work to obtain and maintain the services and benefits they paid for and deserve.

Why Are Health Insurance Claims Denied?

There are a variety of reasons why a health insurance company such as Healthnet might deny a policyholder’s health insurance claim. For instance, Healthnet may legally deny a person medical treatment under certain circumstances because they deem it to be experimental or not necessary. Additionally, Healthnet may deny a person’s health insurance claim if they deem the procedure or course of treatment to be out of network or out of their particular health insurance plan.

Appealing a Healthnet Health Insurance Denial

Being denied health insurance benefits from Healthnet or another insurance company can be devastating and result in serious medical and financial consequences. Thankfully, a Los Angeles Healthnet health insurance denial lawyer could help you through the complex appeals process. To begin appealing a health insurance denial, policyholders and their attorneys should:

  • Get the reason why their claim was denied – an insured person has a right to know the exact reason why their claim for coverage was rejected
  • Understand their health plan – this may involve collecting information on the type of plan, the services the plan covers, and whether the plan is self-funded or funded by an employer
  • Gather objective medical evidence – this typically takes the form of copies of relevant medical records from a doctor, but it can also include independent research on the relevant treatment or procedure
  • Know the time limitations – Insurance companies are bound by state and federal law to notify an insured party of a policy rejection within 15 days for prior authorizations or within 72 hours for urgent cases

When to Turn to a Los Angeles Healthnet Health Insurance Denial Attorney

Healthnet and other large health insurance companies often attempt to justify their decisions by claiming that a policyholder materially misrepresented information, or that they purposefully used out of network providers. In addition, Healthnet often utilizes aggressive settlement tactics and techniques to avoid facing an appeal.

However, a seasoned Los Angeles Healthnet health insurance denial lawyer would not be intimidated by large insurance companies and could fight for your right to health insurance and coverage. By engaging in a thorough review of your policy, a dedicated attorney could help you appeal a negative decision and help secure the health benefits you deserve.