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Have You Been Denied Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Surgery (SI Joint Fusion Surgery) by Anthem, Health Net, Blue Shield or Another Health Insurance Company?

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sacroiliac-jointSacroiliac joint fusion surgery is sometimes recommended for people with SI joint pain. The SI (sacroiliac) joint is where the sacrum meets the ilium bone at the base of a person’s spine. For many people, physical therapy, pain medication, chiropractic manipulation and/or injections are sufficient to relieve this joint pain. For other people, however, doctors may recommend SI joint fusion surgery. Most SI joint fusion surgeries are minimally invasive. Here, a bone graft and/or instruments encourage bone growth over the SI joint and create a single immobile unit. These surgeries are intended to provide instant SI joint stabilization and allow for long-term fusion. Minimally invasive SI joint fusion surgery is the established standard of care to relieve sacroiliac joint pain.

But some insurance providers deny SI joint fusion surgery because it is expensive.  Have you been denied SI joint fusion surgery by:

  • Anthem Blue Cross,
  • Blue Shield,
  • Health Net,
  • Kaiser,
  • UnitedHealthcare,
  • Aetna, or
  • another insurance company?

The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky can help you.

Los Angeles and Pasadena SI Joint Fusion Surgery denial attorney Scott Glovsky helps members seek justice for medically necessary denials. Please call our office or fill out the Free Consultation form on this page.