Upland Truck Accident Lawyer

People are sometimes leery driving next to large tractor trailers because they are often involved in some of the most devastating car accidents on the road. The combination of their size, weight, and relatively poor stability makes them incredibly dangerous. If you are an injured victim of an accident caused by a commercial truck driver’s negligence, an Upland truck accident lawyer can help. Call and schedule a consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer to start reviewing your potential legal options.

Truck Accident Laws in Upland

All Upland truck collisions are governed by California laws, and most cases are filed using a theory of negligence, meaning that someone’s carelessness caused a wreck. For someone to be able to recover compensation for their injuries, they may have to be able to prove four elements to show that the other party was negligent.

The four elements of legal negligence are as follows:

  • Duty – a duty was owed to other drivers meaning the truck driver must operate their truck in a safe and reasonable manner
  • Breach – the duty owed was breached because the truck driver failed to operate the truck with due care
  • Causation – the truck driver directly caused the victim’s injury or harm
  • Harm – the truck driver caused actual physical harm to another person

How an 18-Wheeler Collision Attorney Can Help

An adept Upland truck accident lawyer can guide an injured individual through every step of their case. While a plaintiff works to recover the compensation they deserve, their attorney can stand by them as an advocate.

Anyone who suffered an injury in a truck accident can receive an initial evaluation of fault based on the facts of the crash. If an investigation is needed, a lawyer can undertake that further investigation. Critical evidence may be lost in the days after the crash, so time is of the essence when determining the facts of an accident case.

In addition, truck collision victims often face serious medical issues and may need extensive medical treatment or surgery. An experienced attorney can provide advice on how these expenses can be paid for and whether there is insurance coverage available to pay for the necessary medical treatment needed.

Potential Financial Compensation

When someone recovers from their injuries after a truck accident, or when they at least stabilize to the point where the full extent of their injuries are certain, they may be able to make a claim for compensation against the truck driver, the truck owner, and their insurance company.

Many truck accident injury cases are settled after negotiation, but only if a fair payment can be agreed upon. In other cases, a lawsuit may be necessary and active litigation may have to begin before the parties at fault agree to pay a fair settlement amount.

In some cases, the truck accident case must be presented to a trial jury. A truck collision lawyer in Upland can stay with an injured individual every step of the way until they reach a fair outcome.

Speak with an Upland Truck Accident Attorney

When a negligent truck driver causes an accident, you and your loved ones may be left to suffer the consequences. However, you do not need to suffer in silence, as compensation for any losses you suffered may be available.

Call today to schedule a free initial consultation. An Upland truck accident lawyer can meet with you to help you determine whether you have a viable case.