West Covina Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Since bicycling is very popular in West Covina, the city unfortunately experiences a large number of traffic crashes involving bicyclists. In fact, the city experienced 99 collisions in 2017 between motor vehicles and bicycles or pedestrians, amounting to almost two accidents each week.

With so many bicycling accidents taking place in and around West Covina, bicyclists need to be aware of their legal rights, as well as how a qualified attorney might be able to help them. If you or your loved one collided with a motor vehicle, an experienced West Covina bicycle accident lawyer can help protect and preserve your right to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for your expenses stemming from the accident.

Typical Bike Accident Damages

Depending on the circumstances, bicycle accidents can be severe and even fatal. Bicycles offer no physical protection to riders, and someone struck by a motor vehicle—even one traveling at low speed—may be sent flying from their seat. Some of the most common injuries that bicyclists experience after being struck by a moving vehicle include but are not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures
  • Broken bones and dislocations
  • Perforated, lacerated, or ruptured internal organs, especially the spleen
  • Internal bleeding requiring surgical repair
  • Abrasions and road rash
  • Facial fractures, dental fractures, and cornea damage
  • Neck and spine injuries, including whiplash

The city of West Covina’s own research shows that most of the accidents involving bicycles in the area are caused by a failure to yield, whether by the bicyclist or the motor vehicle driver involved. Regardless of what specifically causes a crash to occur, a bicycle accident attorney in West Covina could help an injured rider take stock of their damages and act accordingly to recover for them financially.

Pure Comparative Negligence Rules

While the defendant’s actions are of paramount importance in any civil injury case, the question of whether a bicyclist was obeying traffic laws at the time of an accident could also be relevant when determining fault in a personal injury claim. California operates under a pure comparative negligence rule, which allows plaintiffs deemed partially at fault to still recover partial compensation, with their final awards being reduced by the percentage of fault they shared.

Furthermore, since California follows a pure comparative negligence standard, accident victims can recover even if they are more at fault then the defendant(s) in their case. So, while defense teams are likely to argue that the victim caused a portion of their own damages, this would not bar a bicyclist’s claim altogether in court. Either way, when it comes to maximizing compensation on a plaintiff’s behalf, it is hard to find a better ally than a West Covina bicycle accident lawyer.

Consult with a West Covina Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

No bicyclist ever anticipates they will be in a collision with a motor vehicle, but when one does occur, the results can be devastating. Bicycle accident victims may need help paying medical expenses, making up for lost wages due to missed time at work, and covering rehabilitation costs.

A skilled West Covina bicycle accident lawyer can analyze the facts of your case and determine the extent of the damages you might be eligible to seek compensation for. However, because the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in California is typically only two years from the date of the accident, it is important to get started on your case as soon as possible, so call today to schedule an initial consultation.