West Covina Truck Accident Lawyer

Since trucks are larger than most other vehicles on the road, they can also pose a greater threat. When they are unable to react in time, they may cause devastating accidents that result in life-changing injuries or death.

A West Covina truck accident lawyer can help a person injured on California roadways take stock of their damages and seek financial recovery for them. If you or a loved one suffered injury due to a truck driver’s carelessness, a compassionate personal injury attorney can help you with your case.

Truck Accident Laws in West Covina

California law allows people injured in truck accidents to seek financial compensation for injuries caused by another’s negligence. While a driver could be negligent whenever they fail to properly consider other drivers on the road, it may be easiest to prove negligence when the truck driver violates the California Vehicle Code prior to causing an accident. A violation might typically be found in the report constructed by the police officer who responds to the incident.

Certain California Vehicle Code violations may be criminal in nature. These may include those prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol or a hit and run. If a truck accident causes the death of another person, the truck driver may also face charges of Vehicular Manslaughter under California Penal Code §192(c). Criminal law violations can be used by truck accident lawyers as proof of liability and as a negotiating point in the settlement of a case in West Covina.

Common Mistakes Plaintiffs Make with Insurance Companies

Without an aggressive and professional attorney on a plaintiff’s side, the insurance company may try to avoid paying a fair amount for injuries. People injured in truck accidents may only get one opportunity to recover a full and fair settlement, so any mistakes made while discussing their case with an insurance representative could jeopardize their chance of recovery.

The initial statement a person gives to the insurance company can be very harmful to their case if they are not prepared for the interview and the types of trick questions insurance companies may ask. Since a person could damage their case permanently by trying to deal with the insurance company alone. It may be best to obtain a West Covina truck accident lawyer before contacting the insurance company.

How to Bring a Successful Claim

A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in West Covina can use the best tactics to deal with insurance companies. A successful claim typically begins with investigating and documenting the facts of the accident. This may be true for car collisions, motorcycle accidents, or any other injury case.

Taking photographs of the accident scene and gathering witness statements may be key first steps. The decision of whether to allow the insurance company to interview the injured individual may also be an important factor.

If an injured person elects to give a statement, an attorney can help make sure they are well prepared for any questions the insurance company may ask. This careful preparation must continue throughout the case and may help them reach a favorable outcome at the end.

Speak with a West Covina Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents could cause devastating—and expensive—injuries. If another person’s negligence caused your injuries, you may not need to figure out how to pay your bills alone.

A West Covina truck accident lawyer could speak with anyone injured in truck accidents. They can respect the worries and concerns you may have, answer all your questions, and tell you what you can expect to happen in your case. Call today for a free case evaluation.