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The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky in Pasadena and Claremont focuses on insurance bad faith and catastrophic personal injury litigation.  Founder and lead attorney, Scott Glovsky, has appeared in the film SiCKO and in People Magazine, and his cases have been profiled on CNN and the major networks.  He is a repeat guest on AirTalk with Larry Mantle.

He’s received numerous awards including California Lawyer Magazine’s California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award and the Consumer Attorneys of California’s Street Fighter of the Year Award.  Scott is a faculty member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. He is the author of the book Fighting Health Insurance Denials: A Primer for Lawyers and the host of Trial Lawyer Talk, a podcast featuring interviews with notable trial lawyers from around the country. Scott litigated Arce v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan on behalf of over 45,000 autistic children.  The lawsuit resulted in Kaiser stopping its systemic denials of speech therapy and applied behavioral analysis for autistic children and in a $9,290,000 settlement for class members and autism research.  In 2018, Scott exposed Aetna’s review practices of medical directors not reviewing medical records before denying treatment through litigation that led to investigations into Aetna by the United States Senate and the states of California, Colorado, Washington and Connecticut.  Scott received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and his J.D. from Cornell Law School.

Scott Glovsky

The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky in Pasadena was founded in 1999 and specializes in insurance bad faith, catastrophic personal injury & health-related litigation. Scott Glovsky started the firm to help ordinary people suffering because of the negligent & bad acts of organizations and corporations.

Ari Dybnis

His practice helps people with legal problems related to insurance, health care, personal injuries, products, abuse and business contracts. On the business practice side, Ari focuses on contract related cases involving insurance denials, delays and underpayments.

Roberta Liao

Roberta helps manage individual lawsuits and class actions. She helps the firm in preparing for hearings and trials; investigating and fact-finding; identifying relevant legal articles, laws and judicial decisions for cases and assisting in preparing legal documents.

Laisa Miller

Laisa supports the paralegal and administrative functions at the firm, including billing, bookkeeping and accounting. She also helps our attorneys prepare for hearings and trials. She is a certified paralegal and an accomplished bookkeeper.

Michael Samardzich

Michael joined Law Offices of Scott C. Glovsky in 2008. He supports litigation, technology and case management. He also supports our online communication activities. Michael believes that every person has a unique story and treats everyone he meets with dignity and respect.

Mariana Zalba

Mariana is the team leader for our Spanish-speaking clients. Mariana also works as our in-house trial consultant, and helps with written discovery and trial preparation.  Prior to her duties at our law offices, she was an elementary school teacher where she worked with children.

Message From Scott

“I started out working for prestigious corporate law firms, including President Richard Nixon’s former firm.   I defended insurance companies in lawsuits brought by their policyholders.  This work gave me insightful knowledge, but I was very unhappy and unfulfilled.  After years of what I felt was the wrong side of justice, I left big corporate law firm life to help people on the other side — to make a difference in the lives of those who most need skilled legal support.

I’m happiest when I’m fighting for justice against big firms that think they’re untouchable.  When people are at the lowest points in their lives – injured, depressed, and worried about their futures – I step in to make a difference in their lives.  I’m there to help take away their fears, loneliness and pain, to let them know they’re no longer in this fight alone. I love being a trial lawyer.  I am devoted to becoming the best person and lawyer that I can be. That’s why I fight for justice with all of my heart and soul, and stay fully committed to my clients.

My firm takes a limited number of cases, so I can personally devote a tremendous amount of time and care to each client.  I get to know my clients and their families very well.  I can only help my clients if I truly know them and understand them.  That’s why I spend a lot of time visiting my clients at their homes and elsewhere.  I take every case very seriously, because the outcome of each case can affect the lives of thousands of families across America.  I don’t settle clients’ cases quickly and cheaply to earn easy money.  Every member of my firm works hard to do everything possible to obtain all of the justice the law allows for each client.”

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