Beauty Photography Studio Eisenberg+Bonem Files Suit Against Too Faced Cosmetics LLC for Copyright Infringement and Improper Manipulation of Photographs

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NOVEMBER 26, 2018, CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA – The Law Office of Scott Glovsky filed suit against Too Faced Cosmetics LLC on behalf of Eisenberg+Bonem (“E+B”), a partnership owned and operated by highly respected photographer Bruce Eisenberg and brand expert Tova Bonem, who over the last thirteen years have honed their craft and built a reputation for creating high quality stylized photographs. E+B’s stylized photographs are incredibly labor intensive and require a lot of expensive equipment and expertise to produce. E+B contracted with Too Faced Cosmetics LLC (“Too Faced”), a cosmetics limited liability company, for the limited use of specific stylized photographs that E+B took of various cosmetic products Too Faced sells. The contracts were limited non-exclusive image licensing agreements and not “work-for-hire” contracts.

E+B alleges that Too Faced breached the terms of its contracts and infringed upon E+B’s copyrights by using the images outside the scope of the limited license granted to Too Faced. Too Faced also infringed E+B’s copyrights by making, displaying and otherwise using unauthorized derivative works to advertise its products on its own website and social media and by providing the manipulated images to major retailers such as Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Nordstrom, HSN and other participating retailers across the world including in England, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. E+B alleges that even after it discovered the unauthorized use and derivative works and told Too Faced to cease its improper use, Too Faced continues to unlawfully publish and use the works.

E+B filed suit in federal court under the case number 8:18-cv-02077-JLS-ADS. If you would like more information about the case then you can view the complaint here.