COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Parkwest Rehabilitation Center

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse, Wrongful Death
COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Parkwest Rehabilitation Center

 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Parkwest Rehabilitation Center in Reseda, CA

June 1, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Parkwest Rehabilitation Center LLC (“Parkwest”) nursing home in Reseda, CA. The suit alleges Parkwest is guilty of elder abuse, willful misconduct and negligence in its COVID-19 response resulting in the death of several of its residents. This is another coronavirus wrongful death lawsuit The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky filed against a nursing home.

Profits Over People

This case is about profits over people. Griselda Nava trusted the Parkwest Rehabilitation Center nursing home to care for and protect her mother Florentina Lopez. Parkwest completely betrayed her trust. The facility intentionally concealed when staff members had been exposed to the virus and directed them to continue treating patients. All while failing to provide any type of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) such as gloves or masks to any of its staff members. Parkwest even directed staff members who had tested positive but had yet to exhibit symptoms to continue to work until symptoms arose.

As a result, multiple residents including Florentina Lopez were infected with the coronavirus and died. It is likely that many other residents have been infected at the facility. However, the numbers are unknown because Parkwest refused to test its residents. Why? Because Parkwest wanted to create the impression that it only had minimal COVID-19 infections.Florentina-Lopez-boy

Parkwest Rehabilitation Center’s Intentional and Cruel Actions to the COVID-19 Virus

Griselda Nava brought this action against Parkwest for her mother’s wrongful death. Parkwest took intentional and cruel actions in its response, and lack thereof, to the COVID-19 virus until it was too late. It failed to provide any protective equipment such as face coverings to employees, knowingly instructed staff infected with the virus to treat uninfected residents, and purposefully and systemically delayed care for symptomatic residents. Parkwest took no precautions to identify or isolate employees or residents living with or suspected to live with the virus. To the contrary, it hid knowledge of its employees that had been exposed to the virus and those that had reported testing positive for the virus. Parkwest then had the employees interact with other employees and residents as per the employees’ assigned job duties.

“Parkwest Rehabilitation Center put profits over people.  It concealed that staff members infected with the virus were working with without masks or personal protective equipment. Had Parkwest taken appropriate precautions to protect its residents, Griselda’s mother would still be alive,” said attorney Scott Glovsky. “The behavior of the Parkwest was completely reckless.  Parkwest enabled the virus to spread rapidly and needlessly kill many residents.”


Parkwest sought to avoid scrutiny from local regulators, to save money, and to minimize the knowledge of existence of the virus to the residents and employees until it was too late. As a result, the virus ran rampant through the Parkwest facility infecting residents and employees. Multiple people died and more are unfortunately sure to follow.

The case is Griselda Nava v. Parkwest Rehabilitation Center LLC, Los Angeles Superior Court. You can read the complaint here.

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