Pasadena Business Contingency Litigation Lawyer

The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky take certain business cases on a contingency basis – you don’t pay unless we recover. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to go after claims they normally would not have the resources to pursue such as partners who failed to deliver a product or ex-employees who stole a customer.

Common and costly legal disputes small and medium businesses (SMEs) often face and the types of cases our Pasadena business contingency  focus on include:

  • Collecting large bills and invoices
  • Business torts (includes situations where a person or business has committed fraud and caused you to lose money, property or customers; unlawfully interfered with your existing customer relationships or contracts; slandered and libeled your business with lies; caused harm to your business through negligence like selling you a defective product or service)
  • Contract disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes (cases involving theft of intellectual property like patents or copyright, unfair competition and misappropriation of trade secrets)
  • Construction defects and disputes involving insurance claims
  • Real estate related disputes

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Helping Businesses Avoid & Manage High Legal Fees

You’re a small or medium-sized business and a project partner has breached a contract, failed to pay you or stolen something that belongs to you. What do you do?

Let’s look at a common example. Your business entered into a deal with a larger company (Big Company) to deliver services (Services) that could generate a few million dollars in revenue. You spent a few hundred thousand dollars in meeting your end of the bargain. Big Company didn’t deliver their requirements. The Services deal failed. Do you sue Big Company?

A lawsuit can take many years to resolve. The case may involve many complex legal areas from contracts to torts. Unraveling the details of the case, documenting what happened, collecting evidence and preparing the case for trial might take thousands of hours. Legal fees normally rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Smaller companies often cannot compete with the financial resources of larger adversaries. Even if you have a winning case, you’re unlikely to be able to afford the costs of top quality lawyers. Pursuing a case under these circumstances often results in pennies on the dollar settlements or abandoning your case entirely.You can pursue your case and not have to worry about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars by hiring a Pasadena business contingency lawyer. When you hire a law firm on a contingency fee basis, you often don’t pay any attorneys’ fees until the law firm recovers money on your behalf.

Why Businesses Should Consider Contingency Business Litigation Attorneys

You’re a business owner, not a lawyer.

Understanding legal issues is critical in assessing the likely success of your case and include things like: determining the likelihood of winning a lawsuit; selecting the best cause(s) of action; discovering evidence and ensuring it can be shown to a jury; determining whether to waive a jury and have a judge hear your case; understanding the other side’s legal point of view; assessing the other side’s resources, legal evidence, the quality of their lawyers and their willingness to defend the case. Without sophisticated legal knowledge, you have a big gap in your assessment capabilities. This gap makes it difficult to accurately evaluate your case.

Hedge additional financial losses.

If we go back to our original example, where you’ve already lost several hundred thousand dollars, you know that you’ve already lost several hundred thousand dollars and received nothing. You’ve wasted time and resources. The thought of spending more money, more time and using more resources can be paralyzing. In fact, it usually is. You’re probably more likely to talk yourself out of suing, moving on and chalking the loss up to experience.

Contingency fee arrangements allow businesses to pursue cases they otherwise would not pursue. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay attorneys, contingency fee arrangements offer an option. These arrangements can level the playing field in the courtroom and allows David to take on Goliath. They also allow you to go after medium size companies and let your attorney worry about assessing the risks.

Hourly attorneys are biased towards taking your case.

A Pasadena business contingency attorney who charges by the hour has nothing to lose in taking your case. If you ask such a lawyer what your chances are, they’ll probably advise you regarding your best legal strategies and tell you that no one can predict the outcome. They may earn $500 or more an hour, and they get paid whether you win or lose. After all, what do they have to lose? Talking to a business contingency lawyer can give you a different point of view on the viability of your case.

Business Contingency Lawyer in Pasadena

Most of our business law practice focuses on contingency fee cases. We don’t get paid unless there is a recovery. We collect a percentage of the settlement or verdict. It makes us take a proactive and results-oriented approach to resolving your case. Our Pasadena business contingency litigation lawyers take on cases for small and medium-sized companies with meritorious claims. We focus on significant business litigation matters, where our extensive trial experience can play a significant role in winning your case at trial or forcing an appropriate settlement.