Pasadena Child Injury Lawyer

Every day defective products, negligent drivers, and other people in our communities harm children. The damage that these harms cause is unique to the circumstances of each case. What is not unique is the right for a child to seek justice and compensation for the harms that other people or organizations intentionally or negligently cause

A Pasadena child injury lawyer can help minimize the disruption and stress in your life and your child’s life during a lawsuit.

The personal injury attorneys at our firm seek to help children and their families recover damages from people and organizations that cause harm to children. See the Practice Areas section of our child injury specialty site for the types of cases we can help you pursue or simply give us a call.”

How Injury Laws Apply to Children

A Pasadena child injury lawyer understands how laws apply to children. Different laws at the state and federal level help protect children during a lawsuit. Many laws provide guidance and protection related to:

Shielding procedures:
Methods where child witnesses may avoid direct contact with the defendant while testifying using techniques like screens or barriers, videotape, and closed-circuit television.

Presence of a family member:
Issues concerning the presence and proximity of a parent or guardian when a child is questioned or providing testimony.

The frequency of testimony:
The frequency with which a child has to testify for the court and in discovery proceedings.

Out of court testimony:
Legal techniques involving how to handle and introduce child testimony outside a courtroom.

Contacting a Pasadena Child Injury Lawyer

Child injury lawyers in Pasadena understand the laws and how they apply to children. As a father, I also understand children and their day-to-day concerns and needs. We can help minimize the disruption and stress in your life and your child’s life during a lawsuit.

Taking legal action can be a big step. We will provide you with information to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Our Pasadena child injury lawyers represent children and parents of injured children in Pasadena, Los Angeles and other cities and counties in Southern California.