Pasadena Workplace Harassment Lawyer

If you have experienced harassment, bullying, or discrimination in your work environment, know that both state and federal laws protect you and your job. However, the most important step towards remedying the situation may be to contact an experienced Pasadena workplace harassment lawyer to learn about your legal options and rights. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated employment attorney could offer you legal representation today.

Workplace Protection Laws in Pasadena

California Government Code §12940 offers legal protection to employees from harassment, unwanted sexual advances, bullying, or any acts that create a hostile work environment. This law prevents discrimination or harassment in the hiring and employment atmosphere against individuals based on race/color, national origin, marital status, sex, physical disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

It is important to note that even if someone is not identified with one of these listed classes, they may still have experienced workplace harassment and can bring a claim against their employer for financial compensation with the help of a determined Pasadena workplace harassment lawyer on their side.

Acts That Qualify as Harassment

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) divides harassment into two types of conduct. The first type of conduct is where an employer or supervisor demands favors in exchange for a benefit such as a promotion or higher salary. This type of harassment is typically sexual in nature. For example, if a supervisor tells an employee that they will give that employee a raise in salary if they agree to meet outside of work for a sexual encounter, then that is a valid harassment claim.

The second type of harassment is when an employer or fellow employee creates a hostile work environment. In these situations, the employer or fellow employee engages in conduct that is severe or pervasive and influences their target’s ability to perform their work duties in a professional environment. If fellow employees engage in conduct where they constantly joke about someone’s home country, imitate their accent, mock their style of dress, or consistently comment on their sexual orientation in a negative way, then it is generally assumed to be workplace harassment. A single comment or off-color joke usually is not grounds for a harassment claim, but a pattern of conduct over time can be.

Responsibility of Employers

California Government Code §12950.1 requires employers with over 50 employees to provide mandatory anti-harassment training for supervisors and harassment training for employees. Even with this training, if a supervisor engages in harassment—or even if an employee harasses another employee—an employer who knew or should have known about the harassment may be liable under the law for an individual’s damages. Although employees can sue other individual employees, the law also allows them to sue their employer, who may be much more likely to be able to pay any financial award or settlement. A weathered Pasadena workplace harassment lawyer can help determine an individual’s best legal options and represent them in court.

Speak with a Pasadena Workplace Harassment Lawyer Today

If you have experienced workplace harassment, there are very specific steps that must be met or you may lose your right to financial compensation.  There are also strict time limits to bring your claim that, if not met, may cause you to permanently lose your right to pursue that claim. Consider retaining a seasoned Pasadena workplace harassment lawyer for assistance so that you can have a dedicated ally on your side today.