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Health Insurance Denial Lawyer Helps Public Employees

Here’s how it works: As a public employee, you’re not subject to laws that restrict what you can recover when you’re wrongfully denied a health treatment or procedure. This means that a health insurer or provider has a lot to risk when they deny, delay or interfere with your right to health treatments and procedures.

Public employees including teachers, police officer and firefighters have more rights! Public employees including teachers, police officer and firefighters have more rights!

We Help Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers and Family Members Fight Health Insurance Denials

The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky has helped thousands of families get the health care treatments and procedures they deserve. As a public employee you’ve been give special rights that most employees in California do not have.

Our cases have involved health insurers failing to pay for critical treatments or procedures involving:

  • Organ transplants
  • Cancer treatments
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Psychiatric care
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Many others

Often times the necessary treatments and procedures may involve out of network health providers, experimental treatments or procedures, and treatments and procedures that the health insurance provider wants someone else to provide.

Some of these denials and delays have led to permanent disabilities and even death. In every case, the patient and their family has suffer needlessly because of the insurance company’s desire to put profits ahead of people.

You’re in a great position to ensure that your health insurance provider lives up to their promises, commitments and legal obligations.

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