Common Causes of Pasadena Car Accidents 

Common causes of Pasadena car accidents are not going to be snow or anything like that. Some of the most common car accident causes are distracted drivers, impaired drivers, and people who speed intentionally. Essentially, anyone who drives with little regard for the safety of others can cause an accident. If you have been injured in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, consult an experienced car accident attorney that could help you pursue damages.

Impairment Due to Drugs or Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs are one of the most significant and common causes of Pasadena car accidents. If a driver is impaired because they have been drinking, or smoking, or taking other kinds of narcotics, it can greatly affect the way that they operate a vehicle and that can lead to significant and incredibly dangerous car accidents. 

If someone is driving while under the influence, their reaction times are slowed and their judgment levels are nulled and their attention to the road is significantly hampered. That means they are less likely to notice if a car goes down in front of them or maybe they will not notice a light change, green to red, or their reaction time is not going to allow them to address quick changes in the road that can lead them to crashing their car into another car or flipping their car in front of another car or hitting pedestrians that can lead to a number of injuries. 


Another common reason is reckless behavior. Taking unnecessary risks, speeding, that can cause significant injuries and, again, cause harm in Pasadena to other drivers and to their properties, to their cars, or their business, or homes. 

If a person is speeding or taking reckless chances, it creates a higher risk that anything that they do will lead to an accident. Any change that is unexpected will lead to an accident because the individual has less time to try to avoid any changes in the road that they otherwise would if they were driving at a safe pace and they were not taking turns that they do not have space to or any other reckless action.

Distracted Driving

The cause of a lot of car accidents is the lack of attention. If there are other people in the car that are distracting the driver or if a driver has not been able to get enough sleep or are just too distracted by something else and are not paying attention to the road. If they are not paying attention, then it can cause significant injury and damage to other drivers leading to something as simple as property damage but can be as serious as a traumatic brain injury or even death. 

Driving While on the Phone

Another example of common causes of Pasadena car accidents is if people are using their phones or texting. If someone is on their phone, they are not paying attention to the road and that, too, can lead to injury and damage to other people’s property and cause harm to other drivers.

If a person is holding a phone, it means that they have one less hand on the steering wheel and that they cannot react in time to changes in the road that they would be able to, if they were otherwise driving without texting or calling. It can lead to substantial injuries and accidents.