Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer

Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents happen all the time. It is critical that you take accidents seriously and carefully evaluate your injuries before consulting with a Pasadena car accident lawyer. Any car accident where a driver or passenger is jolted can cause short and long-term health consequences. Serious car accidents often involve injuries to the head, spinal cord, and limbs that can have devastating long-term health consequences. Often times these injuries are not immediately identifiable and only appear after considerable time has passed. Agreeing to an insurance company settlement without fully evaluating your injuries and case can leave you without the resources to address your long-term injuries. Therefore, it is imperative to seek the counsel of an experienced Pasadena accident attorney as soon as possible after you have been involved.

Auto Accident Statistics

  • Each year there are over 5 million crashes in the United States
  • Traffic accidents injure over 2 million people each year
  • Over 30,000 people are killed in traffic accidents
  • California traffic accidents injure over 200,000 people every year

Insurance companies are in business to maximize their shareholder’s value, not yours. They are not focused on identifying all your potential injuries and damages, which is why it is important to consult with a Pasadena auto accident attorney.

Rights as An Auto Accident Victim

Most auto accident claims are based on the negligence of the person that caused the accident. Our job, as experienced auto accident attorneys in Pasadena, is proving your case. This requires demonstrating all the elements of negligence. Our goal is to understand every aspect of your accident: how it occurred, why it occurred, at fault parties, the extent of your injuries and recovery options. This knowledge allows us to determine your best options.

If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries in an auto accident and it’s not your fault you should seek the advice of an experienced auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Scott Glovsky. We are happy to discuss your specific situation and we also deal with children’s car accident injuries. Together we can sort through the details and determine how to handle your case. After all, insurance companies hire attorneys to advise them: why not do the same?

Your Rights as a Spouse or Family Member of Someone Killed In An Auto Accident

In a fatal car accident where the person killed was a family member, spouse or other loved one, you have a right to seek justice through the assistance of a Pasadena car accident lawyer. Spouses, relatives, and dependents of the accident victim have a right to sue. Even if the individual that caused the accident is charged with a criminal penalty, you have a right to sue in civil court and get compensated for your loss.

What Causes Car Accidents

Causes of auto accidents are varied. Sometimes, the accident is really an accident. But often it is not. The accident may be caused in full or part by a variety of situations including:

  • Aggressive driving (inappropriate speed, lane changes, signaling, yielding, etc.)
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Drinking
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Equipment failure
  • Poor roadway design
  • Improperly maintained roadways or warnings of dangerous conditions

Recoverable Damages In Auto Accident Cases

In auto accidents, the legal system generally classifies damages into two categories: property and personal. Damages to property include costs related to: the vehicle; towing; vehicle storage; appraisals; property damaged caused by the accident; repairs; damage to personal belongings and replacement costs. Damages classified as personal include: loss of wages; hospital costs; ambulance services; emergency room supplies; physical aids and appliances; physical therapy; doctors and medical staff; transportation; pain and suffering; and permanent Injury or disability.

In fatal car accidents there are damages that the estate can recover and damages that persons can recover. Losses typically attributed to the estate include: mortuary and cemetery expenses (funeral expenses); hospital and medical bills for the deceased person’s final illness or injury; and lost income, including potential income the deceased person would reasonably have been expected to earn in the future had he or she lived. Losses typically attributed to the surviving family members include: the value of household services; loss of anticipated financial support; and loss of love, community, attention, affection, moral support, and guidance.

Importance of a Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer

Getting justice is hard work. Insurance companies offer lower settlements to accident victims that are not represented by an attorney. Scott Glovsky worked for these insurance companies and understands how they operate. In a serious injury case, you need a skilled Pasadena car accident attorney to maximize your chances of winning your lawsuit and getting just compensation.

We have the resources and skills to make large insurance companies take your case seriously. We call on a variety of experts to assist with accident reconstruction, crashworthiness testing and witness testimony. For over fifteen years, The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky has been bringing cases to trial and winning against some of the largest organizations and corporations in California.

It doesn’t matter if we have to take on a large insurance company, a car manufacturer or anybody else. We will file the necessary claims and fight for you until the case is settled or goes to trial. We will be there to help answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process from filing to completion.