Pasadena Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Shame, depression, and fear are all common and understandable emotions among those who have experienced sexual abuse. For some, these feelings linger for a lifetime. If individuals feel powerless and vulnerable, they may struggle to find the justice they so desperately need. If you or a loved one have suffered sexual abuse, a Pasadena sexual abuse lawyer can connect you with resources to begin the healing process, investigate and prepare your case for civil court, and stand by your side as your advocate every step of the way. To get started on your claim, schedule a consultation with an injury attorney in Pasadena today.

Types of Sexual Abuse

Any type or amount of unwanted sexual attention, contact, or activity can qualify as sexual abuse. Specifically, sexual abuse can include any of the following actions:

  • Taking and/or distributing sexual photos or videos without permission
  • Making unwanted sexual requests
  • Exposing genitals to someone or forcing someone to expose themselves
  • Forcing someone to view pornographic videos or photos
  • Unwanted oral sex performed on or by someone
  • Forcing someone to touch genitalia, or to allow the abuser to touch them
  • Forced penetration of or by another non-consenting individual

Some of our society’s most vulnerable members are forced to experience these behaviors, including children and teens. They are often made to feel powerless by their abusers or are taken advantage of by someone in a position of power. 

Potential Perpetrators

Many times, abusers are individuals traditionally thought of as trustworthy. They use their positions and reputations to take advantage of the vulnerable. Counselors, teachers, members of the clergy, and coaches are all trusted members of the community who have unique relationships with youth. Tragically, they may also be enablers or perpetrators of sexual abuse.

When individuals are abused by such individuals, they are sometimes caught between feelings of loyalty and admiration of the perpetrator. In some cases, abusers may threaten the other party, making them feel afraid of sharing their abuse for fear of retribution or additional abuse. Those who have survived sexual abuse deserve help. A Pasadena sexual abuse lawyer can work to ensure the voices of abused individuals are heard, and that they receive the justice they deserve. 

Warning Signs of Abuse

It important to keep in mind that the consequences of abuse can manifest in individuals in different ways. If a case involves a child, then there can be a wide range of differences in their behavior or personality. If they were calm and peaceful in the past and their behavior becomes erratic and sexual in nature, this could be a warning sign of abuse. This can be particularly concerning if it is a small child who has never before shown interest or displayed sexual behaviors in the past. This is an indication that there could be some kind of sexual abuse occurring.

If the case involves a teen or adult, the signs can be less clear. People act in very different ways. They could stop talking about certain subjects, or be evasive when one brings up a related topic. An individual should not hesitate to reach out to a professional Pasadena sexual abuse lawyer as soon as they think that a loved one has been sexually abused.

How a Pasadena Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Countless people are harmed by sexual abusers each year. Too often, these cases go unreported. Abusers should be held responsible for their actions, and with the assistance of a dedicated Pasadena sexual abuse lawyer, individuals can seek compensation for the harm done to them. Medical care, therapy, and other treatments are expensive and often form the backbone of a sexual abuse settlement demand.

Furthermore, if an individual struggled to work in the days and weeks following the abuse, their lost wages can be included in a settlement. Physical disabilities or disfigurement stemming from the abuse can also be considered when determining one’s damages. If you ever suffer or have already suffered sexual abuse in Pasadena, call an experienced Pasadena sexual abuse lawyer as soon as possible. You can take the power back from your abuser and hold them accountable for their actions.